Stacy and Matthew
All Because Two People Fell in Love...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Benavides

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Stacy and Matthew's may have only been "together exclusively" for a year and a half before saying "I Do", but their love story truly began as teenagers, where they met a members of a group for home schooled kids that was ran by Stacy's family.  They did activities together, got to know one another and each other's families, and even though thier courtship didn't start until later, the seed had been planted.  When Stacy and Matthew did finally get into a relationship, things moved fairly quickly - the stars aligned and these two friends became something much more.  Matthew got together with one of Stacy's friends, Jenny, who helped him choose the perfect ring, and then he popped the question at her home.  When something is meant to be, it's meant to be!  

"I love how caring Stacy is, and how she supports me through good and bad.  I love her freckles.  Most of all, I love her for that which is beyond any qualities, negative or positive.  Love is innately ineffable, and once we talk about it we, to some degree, profane it."  Matthew on what he loves most about Stacy.  

Mr. and Mrs. Benavides

"First and foremost, I love that Matt is my best friend and my confidant.  I love that Matt is kind, caring and has the ability to stay calm and collected pretty much in any situation.  I love that Matt always supports me at my worst and encourages me to thrive for positivity."  Stacy on what she loves most about Matthew.  

Stacy and Matthew said "I Do" on February 9th at the San Luis Bay Inn Resort in Avila Beach, California.  They chose this location because it has been like a second home to Stacy's family, who has vacationed there for years.  They loved the idea of saying their vows while overlooking one of the most splendid views on all of the Central Coast, with a vantage from Avila Beach all the way to Pismo and the Oceano Dunes on a clear day.  Their wedding was truly a "family affair" - the decorating was done completely by family and friends.  It was such an amazing thing to see a group of people band together and surround Stacy and Matthew with love, support and amazing advice at their incredible wedding.  These two people are two halves of a whole, truly made for one another, and their love will only continue to flourish as the years go by.  

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